Rider Confidence Specialists in Staffordshire

Rider confidence specialists in Staffordshire and surrounding areas. If you are a rider confidence specialist in Staffordshire and would like a free or premium listing, please click here for information.

Rider Confidence Specialists in Staffordshire - Free Listings

Dawn Hollinshead


Poplar Farm, Minshull Lane, Wettenhall, Winsford , CW7 4DU

Tel: 07703 321882

Email: dawn.hollinshead@headstart.info

Web: www.headstart.info

Jo Cooper


Tel: 07974 704179

Email: jo@equestrianconfidence.com

Web: www.equestrianconfidence.com

Jump For It Training


1 Weston Bank, Marston Montgomery, Ashbourne, DE6 2FN

Beverly Ryan Redfern

Tel: 07758 310595

Email: info@jumpforittraining.co.uk

Web: www.jumpforittraining.co.uk

Mind Set to Ride


Sue Moran

Tel: 07814 578784

Email: sue@stublach.freeserve.co.uk

Natalie Pym Equestrian


Woodhouse Lane Farm, Woodhouse Lane, Audlem, Crewe, CW3 0DT

Natalie Pym

Tel: 01270 444008

Web: www.nataliepymequestrian.com

Tracey Cole


Tel: 07815 016169

Email: tracey@traceycolenlp.com

Web: www.traceycolenlp.com

The Coal Brook Clinic


Matt Cappaert

Tel: 07591 097199

Email: info@coalbrookclinic.com

Web: www.coalbrookclinic.com

The Perfect Ride


5 Needham Drive, Hartford, Northwich, CW8 1RW

Louise Cleland

Tel: 07957 160333

Email: louise@theperfectride.co.uk

Web: www.theperfectride.co.uk